Tünde and Sebastien - Fotograf nunta ∣ Eskuvoi fotozas Harghita ∣ Cristian Suciu

Tünde and Sebastien

Diversity. The first word that comes to my mind when I want to describe the wedding. Colorful, bright, diverse. The wedding of Tünde and Sebastien was multicolored in many ways: two hearts, two different languages, guests from both sides, lots of different emotions and habits. Relaxed. The second thing that comes to mind when I look at the photos taken at the wedding. Just like me, everyone had so much fun and felt liberated while celebrating with the couple. And finally, exceptional. The party lasted until dawn in the company of friends with lots of good music and dance. …and there were many beautiful moments, laughs and it was a wonderful experience that all the participants could take home in their hearts at the end of the day.